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2020 Articles

Metabolism and pharmacokinetics characterization of metarrestin in multiple species.
Padilha EC, Shah P, Wang AQ, Singleton MD, Hughes EA, Li D, Rice KA, Konrath KM, Patnaik S, Marugan J, Rudloff U, Xu X.
Cancer Chemother. Pharmacol., DOI 10.1007/s00280-020-04042-y.

Determination of oroxylin A, oroxylin A 7-O-glucuronide, and oroxylin A sodium sulfonate in beagle dogs via ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry: Application in a pharmacokinetic study.
Ren G, Chen H, Zhang M, Yang N, Yang H, Xu C, Li J, Ning C, Song Z, Zhou S, Zhang S, Wang X, Lu Y, Li N, Zhang Y, Chen X, Zhao D.
J. Sep. Sci., DOI 10.1002/jssc.201901259.

Pharmacokinetics and clinical effects of xylazine and dexmedetomidine in horses recovering from isoflurane anesthesia.
Guedes A, Knych H, Tucker L, Almeida DC, Baldo CF, Wendt‐Hornickle E, Allweiler S.
J. Vet. Pharmacol. Ther., DOI 10.1111/jvp.12855.

Pharmacokinetics of three formulations of vitacoxib in horses.
Wang J, Qiu J, Xiao H, Gong X, Sun P, Li J, Zhang S, Cao X.
J. Vet. Pharmacol. Ther., DOI 10.1111/jvp.12852.

Pharmacokinetics and anti-inflammatory effects of flunixin meglumine as a sole agent and in combination with phenylbutazone in exercised Thoroughbred horses.
Knych HK, Arthur RM, McKemie DS, Baden RW, Seminoff K, Kass PH.
Equine Vet. J., DOI 10.1111/evj.13260.

Pharmacokinetics of maropitant citrate after oral administration of multiple doses in adult horses.
Berryhill EH, Knych H, Chigerwe M, Edman J, Magdesian KG.
J. Vet. Pharmacol. Ther., DOI 10.1111/jvp.12844.

Investigations into the analysis of intact drug conjugates in animal sport doping control - development and assessment of a rapid and economical approach for screening greyhound urine.
Gray B, Tuckley L, Cutler C, Biddle S, Hudson S, Gower S, Vanhaecke L.
Drug Test. Anal., DOI 10.1002/dta.2779.

The intravenous pharmacokinetics of butorphanol and detomidine dosed in combination compared with individual dose administrations to exercised horses.
Paine SW, Bright J, Scarth JP, Hincks PR, Pearce CM, Hannan C, Machnik M, Hillyer L.
J. Vet. Pharmacol. Ther., DOI 10.1111/jvp.12838.

Using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry to assess essential and performance-enhancing metals in the urine of racehorses.
Abdul Khader KK, Perwad Z, Karatt TK, Nalakath J, Subhahar M.
J. Anal. Toxicol., DOI 10.1093/jat/bkaa004.

Development and validation of a chiral LC‐MS method for the enantiomeric resolution of (+) and (−)‐medetomidine in equine plasma by using polysaccharide‐based chiral stationary phases.
Abdul Khader KK, Nalakath J, Karatt TK, Perwad Z, Mathew B, Subhahar M.
Chirality, DOI 10.1002/chir.23166.

Screening and confirmatory analysis of recombinant Human EPO for racing camels doping control.
Delcourt V, Garcia P, Chabot B, Loup B, Remy P, Popot MA, Bailly-Chouriberry L.
Drug Test. Anal., DOI 10.1002/dta.2772.

Comparison of immunofluorescence and chemiluminescence assays for measuring ACTH in equine plasma.
McGilvray TA, Knowles EJ, Harris PA, Menzies-Gow NJ.
Equine Vet. J., DOI 10.1111/evj.13227.

In vivo metabolism of the designer anabolic steroid hemapolin in the Thoroughbred horse.
Waller CC, Weththasinghe SA, McClure L, Cawley AT, Suann C, Suann E, Sutherland E, Cooper E, Heather A, McLeod MD.
Drug Test. Anal., DOI 10.1002/dta.2769.

Investigation of the metabolism of the selective androgen receptor modulator LGD-4033 in equine urine, plasma and hair following oral administration.
Cutler C, Viljanto M, Hincks P, Habershon-Butcher J, Muir T, Biddle S.
Drug Test. Anal., 2020, 12, 247–260.

Re‐evaluation of the pharmacokinetics of xylazine administered to Thoroughbred horses.
Habershon‐Butcher J, Cutler C, Viljanto M, Hincks PR, Biddle S, Paine SW.
J. Vet. Pharmacol. Ther., 2020, 43, 6–12.

Is 9β-dehydrohalogenation of betamethasone and dexamethasone hindering the detection of banned co-eluting meprednisone? A reverse-phase chiral liquid chromatography high-resolution mass spectrometry approach.
Karatt TK, Sathiq MA, Laya S.
Steroids, 2020, 155, 108572.

Pharmacokinetics of morphine in combination with dexmedetomidine and maropitant following intramuscular injection in dogs anaesthetized with halothane.
Karna SR, Singh P, Chambers P, Kongara K.
J. Vet. Pharmacol. Ther., 2020, 43, 153–161.

Administration study of recombinant human relaxin-2 in horse for doping control purpose.
Kwok WH, Choi TLS, Leung GNW, Wong ASY, Yue SK, Wan TSM, Ho ENM.
Drug Test. Anal., 2020, 12, 361–370.

Simultaneous determination of donepezil, 6-O-desmethyl donepezil and spinosin in Beagle dog plasma using liquid chromatography‒tandem mass spectrometry and its application to a drug-drug interaction study.
Lee CB, Min JS, Chae SU, Kim HM, Jang JH, Jung IH, Zheng YF, Ryu JH, Bae SK.
J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal., 2020, 178, 112919.

Pharmacokinetics and safety of repeated oral dosing of acetaminophen in adult horses.
Mercer MA, McKenzie HC, Davis JL, Wilson KE, Hodgson DR, Cecere TE, McIntosh BJ.
Equine Vet. J., 2020, 52, 120–125.

Morphine plasmatic concentration in a pregnant mare and its foal after long term epidural administration.
Mirra A, Birras J, Diez Bernal S, Spadavecchia C.
BMC Vet Res., 2020, 16, 19.

Comparative pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the advanced Retinol-Binding Protein 4 antagonist in dog and cynomolgus monkey.
Racz B, Varadi A, Pearson PG, Petrukhin K.
PLoS One, 2020, 15, e0228291.

Separation and identification of the enantiomeric doping agent racemorphan in equine urine by using normal phase chiral-high resolution mass spectrometry.
Sayed R, Abdul Khader KK, Karatt TK, Perwad Z, Nalakath J, Subhahar M.
Anal. Chem. Lett., 2020, 9, 747–756.

Bioformation of boldenone and related precursors/metabolites in equine faeces and urine, with relevance to doping control.
Viljanto M, Kicman AT, Walker CJ, Wolff K, Muir T, Hincks P, Biddle S, Scarth J.
Drug Test. Anal., 2020, 12, 215–229.

Magnetic solid phase extraction followed with LC-MS/MS for determination of glimepiride in beagle dog plasma and its application to bioequivalence study.
Zhu J, Li Y, Xiang Y, Zhou L, Li Y.
J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal., 2020, 184, 113180.